I am a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Géosciences Réunion, France. Most of my research focuses on the interactions between river network, active faults, detrital sedimentation, and climate that shape the relief in active settings. I am both a noble gas geochemist and a field geologist.

I use a multidisciplinary approach that combines field studies, numerical modelling, geomorphology, tectonics, geochronology and thermochronology, and sedimentology. I am currently working on topics such as the geodynamical and landscape evolution of the southeastern Tibetan plateau, the development of drainage network on volcanic terranes, and the influence of rainfall distribution on erosion rates. Specifically, I focus on landscape dissection by rivers on hotspot volcanoes.

I am also interested in diffusion processes of noble gas (Ne, He) in minerals. Application of these systems range from planetary science to terrestrial settings, where low-temperature thermochronometry has been applied bedrock then to detrital minerals, thus opening new perspectives in reconstructing stages of mountain growth and erosion processes at the scale of a drainage basin. Noble gases hold enormous potential in further unravelling the links between tectonics, relief, and erosion.

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